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2018 Boss Club (Subscription)

$19.95 for 1 year

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Subscribe to the 2018 Season of the Boss Club for monthly updates of a variety of new pieces! New subscriptions automatically can access all of the previous Boss Club sets and pieces for 2018, as well as getting new pieces every month as they are released. Subscriptions DO NOT automatically renew, you buy a year at a time for a single price, and we don’t trick you into more.

Average submissions per month is 4-6 pieces, many generated from feedback from the builders and community. New detail bits, extensions to existing sets, conversions for different scales, this is the place to be for all the bits & bobs that really add extra looks and functionality to your terrain, and to help steer the direction of the Necroplex system.

Also included is the Necroplex Dice Tower!

Current Boss Club files (January 2018):

In Stretch Goals download:

  • Girder Detail Plates (3 files)
  • Gutter Detail Plates (3 files)
  • Vent Detail Plates (3 files)
  • More Guns (Plasma, Missile, & Laser)
  • Bunker Doors (3 files)
  • Double Manned Turret
  • Flagpole Clamp
  • Radar Dish
  • Controller Pipe Junction
  • Caustic Vat Pipe Junction (3 files)

In Boss Club (January 2018) download:

  • Wide Ground Struts
  • Ground Strut Detail backing
  • Hatch with and without Tentacle
  • Space Keg
  • Double Pully & Clamps (3 files)
  • T-Clamp
  • Toxic Spill

Is Boss Club (February 2018) download:

  • Cargo Lift Elevators
  • Beacon and Lamp kit
  • Medium pipe fire stacks
  • in-line pump
  • “castle” multi-pipe footing
  • Wall Ladder
  • Consoles (stand up and edge clamp)
  • Corner Detail Plates

In Boss Club (March 2018) download:

  • Closed Windows & Door
  • Greeble Windows & Door
  • 80mm “Canister” height supports
  • Short Cauldron
  • Vault Cauldron Lid
  • Fuel Pump pipe interchange

May 2018 update:

  • Saw traps (horizontal and vertical)
  • Jaw trap
  • SciFi Dumpster (w/hinged lid)
  • SciFi Storage container (w/hinged lid)

June 2018 update:

  • Necro-Panel texture roller

July 2018 update:

  • Pipe walkway platforms
  • Pipe Wrapper ‘spacekeg’
  • Pipe detail plates and mounts
  • Small stair (for pipe walkways)
  • Medium Pipe L-Junction
  • Pipe Risers (for fast printing supports)

August 2018 update:

  • 2x RetroTech Detail plates
  • Open RetroTech Slab Wall
  • Closed RetroTech Slab Wall

September 2018 update:

  • 4x 45 Degree Pipe Junctions (small, medium, large, & combo)

In Dice Tower download:

  • 2 Part “Necro” dice tower


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