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    Hey gang!

    Okay, let’s start this ball rollin’.. Sound off on things you’d like to see, are having toubles with, want more variety in a given set, etc. We’ll be aiming for roughly 2-4 boss club releases each month.

    Here’s a list of some ideas that have been floated so far:

    1. Small Platforms: platforms that clamp to edge rails and add pre-built firing locations, or look-outs.
    2. Multi-Level stairs: Stairs that can clamp to edge-rails at both sides, smaller stair rails, etc. Larger complete stair rails for larger printers.
    3. 1/8″ MDF edge and clamp set, for use with common MDF terrain.
    4. OpenLOCK transition pieces: a set to hook OpenLOCK terrain to Necroplex edges.
    5. Infinity Struts: 7cm high struts for Infinity boards.
    6. More pipe connectors: 45deg, 30deg and other connectors for all pipe sizes.
    7. Greebles, Greebles, and more Greebles: larger scaled details like communication hubs, closed windows, switches/cables..
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    This is related to those who own a printer licence.

    Stamps for branding packaging materials would be realy helpfull.<samp>

    For example one with “made with Necroplex” and one with the logo


    By the way, incredible work you two did with necroplex! I’m hooked


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    Oooh, yeah, can do. Saves on printing labels.

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