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March Boss Club Drop Is Out!

March Boss Club drop is out!

New “Boss Club March 2018” download should be available to all webstore Boss Club members, go to your accounts -> downloads to grab it.
Kickstarter folks who haven’t used the codes to sign up via the store can still get these via their dropbox links in the BossClub/March2018 folder.
This release includes a set of 80mm high supports designed to match to the platform height of the horizontal canister platform. They should also work better as standard height platforms for Infinity players.
There’s also closed versions of the window and door interior inserts, as well as some glue-on “greeble” variants of the closed windows and doors, to help add easy quick decor to your buildings.
And lastly the new “Shorty” cauldron! The outer ring of pipes match up to the medium size pipe supports from the Forge Pack. Also included is a fuel pump corner piece with a variety of attachment points for the standard pipe sizes.
Cheers and happy building everyone!

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