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We’re live!

Welcome to the new Necroplex webstore!

Necroplex is a 3D printable building blocks system for game terrain hobbyists. We launched our initial products via Kickstarter last October, and were blown away with the reaction from the community.

Our Kickstarter Launch video..

Necroplex from the beginning was designed to help terrain crafters extend their toolset of how to build custom and unique terrain, by using a mix of traditional crafting materials such as foam core, pipes, dowels, and even soda pop cans, and using our sets to bring it all together and take it to the next level.

When we first started thinking about launching this system, we really weren’t sure how many others would understand or value it. How many terrain builders have a 3D printer, how many would just prefer to print a whole piece even if it took longer?

Most of the 3D printable terrain out there was interlocking tiles or other fully complete sets, and while absolutely amazing work lush with detail, we found it took a lot of print time to make enough to fill a table, and many pieces didn’t fit the smaller print beds of more popular starter printers.. So we thought “What if we just had something to trim out foamcore, and make it lock together?” Within minutes we had our first piece modelled and on some terrain and we knew it was going to do the trick. The foamcore edge was now super strong, clean, and ready to play, and print times were in minutes instead of hours or days..

As we continued working on the initial prototypes we found it was just so much fun to mix and match between materials and techniques we already knew, and extend and reinforce them with 3D printed bits, that we knew there had to be others out there who’d enjoy it as much as we did.

So here we are, half a year of late nights and long hours later, with finished and tested sets ready for you to build your own sprawling mega cities of the dystopian far future!

We’re still working our way through some of the backlog of work from the Kickstarter. A handful of stretch goals remain to be cleaned and tested before release, and both of the Tribes pack still are underway with principle modelling and art work. As we move forward, we will continue to extend and enhance the sets through our community via the Boss Club, a forum and group designed so you can have direct input in fixes, updates, and potential new sets. The Boss Club will average a release of 2-4 new pieces per month, sometimes more as time allows or for really important or simpler fixes.

Thank you again to everyone who jumped on during the initial Kickstarter Launch, and especially to those who’ve signed on to be part of the community through the Boss Club or by joining our Printing Partners as licensed printers!

Now, let’s melt some plastic!


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  1. Printing is well underway (although slowed somewhat by the Christmas period) and I can’t wait to see what other wonderful creations emerge in the future.

    Excellent work!

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